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Baku, also called Baky or Bakı, is the greatest city in the Caucasus and the capital of Azerbaijan. Baku is on the coast of the Caspian Sea on the southern tip of the Absheron Peninsula. You can find three major divisions in Baku: İçəriŞəhər (the ancient city), the Soviet built city, and the most recent part of the city.A curious fact about Baku is that its average year-round temperature (14.2°C/57.6°F)) matches the average temperature of the whole landmass of the earth to in just a tenth of degree. Baku features a temperate-continental semi-arid climate.There are a number of interesting sites within Baku’s walled fortress. The very best time to visit Baku, Azerbaijan is in either Spring or Autumn where in actuality the temperature is moderate and the colors of forests and mountains come in full swing.Baku is surrounded by desert terrain and so it could possibly get quite hot in summer time and extremely cold in winter.Old City or “Icharishahar”, is one of Azerbaijan’s two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It’s truly a unique, historical part of Azerbaijan and is located within one’s heart of Baku.The Old City is quite clean and recently renovated. It’s a very beautiful and very artful town, surrounded by fortressed walls, adding to the character.The Old City of Baku has a great deal to offer. The city has plenty of aged buildings, a palace complex, mosques and the iconic Maiden Tower.The Bibi Heybat Mosque is one of the very most interesting things to do in Baku, and even non-Muslims will relish exploring this wonderful bit of architecture.It has three domes, which follows the original iron shape of the old mosque and two minarets. The domes are decorated with turquoise and green mirrors, which can be bordered with gilded inscriptions from the Qur’an.While in Baku you can’t miss climbing together with Azerbaijan’s most recognised landmark, and the centre of the city’s historical importance.The Maiden Tower is part of UNESCO’s world heritage listing, looped in with the Old City and the Shirvanshahs’Palace.The other of Azerbaijan’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites is the Gobustan National Park, that attracts a large number of tourists annually.This otherworldly site is a sprawling field speckled with bubbling mud volcanos, anthropological sites and sizzling lakes.The Flame Towers are situated on a hill overlooking Baku Bay and the Old City. It’s an iconic trio of buildings that transformed the image of the city from a forgotten destination for a current day Baku.

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