Oyo residents start ‘Number Metre Number Payment’strategy.Oyo residents start ‘Number Metre Number Payment’strategy.

Citizens of Apete, Awotan, Araromi, Jeje, Arola in Ido Regional Council and their alternatives from Ajibode, Make, and Laniba in Akinyele Regional Council of Oyo State yesterday took to the streets to start a no-meter-no-payment campaign.

The residents, who started the protest at Awotan, said they would perhaps not pay any Ibadan Energy Distribution Business (IBEDC) until they were metered.
They informed officials of the energy circulation organization perhaps not to come to their houses without prepaid meters.

The residents called for regularisation of PHCN meters, provision of more feeders, transformers for their neighborhoods, meters for several unmetered houses, and stoppage of crazy bills naija news.

The residents insisted that disappointment to abide by their needs, no officials of the energy circulation organization could be permitted to either obtain money from residents or disconnect energy supply.

Armed bandits in their large numbers, on Friday night invaded Magami community in the Shiroro local government area of Niger state killing no fewer than 20 villagers in what source close to the community said was a reprisal attack by the gunmen.

A number of the villagers are said to be missing after the night attack while several others fled to neighbouring communities for safety.
It will be recalled that on Wednesday night, the men of the Special Security Task Force, comprising the Police, Local Hunters and Vigilante, launched an attack on the bandits, killing about 40 of them and recovered 16 motorcycles including arms and ammunitions mostly AK47 rifles.

However a spokesman of the Concerned Shiroro Youths, Mallam Yusuf Abubakar Kukoki who confirmed the latest killings by the bandits to our correspondent on a telephone on Saturday morning, said the bandits came in their numbers, unleashing terror on members of the community in the night.

According to him, “Realizing that the combined team of Police Special Force, Hunters and local Vigilantes who had earlier inflated heavy casualties on them had returned to their Base at Galadima Kogo, the bandits mobilized and returned like a pride of wounded lions killing people at sight. They murdered and butchered their victims with dangerous weapons. Unfortunately, the unarmed, peaceful and defenseless locals are now at the receiving end.
“By a reliable records, no fewer than fifteen people have gruesomely been murdered by the marauding criminals. Six people were confirmed dead at Unguwan Magiro under Madaka Ward, Rafi local government area, four people at Farin Hula and five people at Magami and environs all under Manta Ward of Shiroro local government while scores of others are still missing – probably killed too” Kukoki said.

The Kukoki stated further that many villagers have now fled to Kuta headquarters of the local government and other neighboring villages where they are now staying as Internally Displaced People.

“Kuta the headquarters of Shiroro local government which is considered a safer ground is swelling up with fleeing IDPs who have since vacated the troubled areas scampering helter skelter for shelter, peace and security” Kukoki said in the statement.

Kukoki suggested that the “Onslaught against criminals need to be a sustained one in order to avoid a replica of this nature” adding that: “sustained operation can go a long way in halting or avoiding any possible reprisal that could result into unwanted casualties”.

The residents, during the strategy, put their banners at strategic places for people to be sensitized. Chairman of Ajibode, Apete, Awotan, Araromi, Akufo, and environs’Neighborhood Development Association, Manufacture Rasak Fabayo, speaking during the strategy, complained during the process that the neighborhoods paid for what they did not consume.

“Concerning residents of Apete, Awotan, Araromi Akufo, Laniba, and Ajibode, we’re launching that campaign. If any IBEDC official comes to your dwelling to need for the money, let them know that no meter, no cost,” he said.


Beware From Fake Portfolio Management Companies In IndiaBeware From Fake Portfolio Management Companies In India

With the brand new WOTLK expansion of World of Warcraft Blizzard has introduced a new identity type, the Death Knight. This is in November of 2008 and it had been the initial new identity type to be put into the overall game since the overall game launched in 2004.

Everyone was very excited to use the Death Knight identity, and with the spreading and melee it gives the character become extremely popular, very fast.

The Death Knight was the best identity, overpowered every other type in the game newsweek.top. With a companion at your side (Ghoul or Gargoyle), healing power and the choice for high armor, everyone can get five as well as six mobs at a time. The DK may be the proffered alone style identity for the majority of the players in WOW.

Actually after having a several nerfs that Blizzard did on the DK, handling it out, it is however an overpowered in lots of ways on one other type of the World Of Warcraft. This is the reason you can see therefore many of them, everywhere. But one thing was rarely discussed before about the benefits of the DK as a gold creating machine.

Why is the Death Knight a gold creating unit?

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Second you obtain an excellent melee and armor, to help you farm for quite a while, and with the power of self healing you are looking at number rest time at all. That is a great issue for several, but a good thing for a gold farmer. No rest time indicates more gold per hour of farming.

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