Easy methods to Take advantage of Mobile Wallet meant for Social Media Marketing

It’s not surprising that social media has become a powerful marketing strategy of its own. Entities including international corporations to local businesses all have a presence on multiple social media platforms. The viral nature of social media makes it the quickest way to promote content and promulgate information. With over 4.2 billion people accessing social media on mobile devices, it’s required for businesses to market valuable and awe-inspiring content. 2014 is the entire year of the mobile wallet – a powerful and advanced direct marketing channel that will assist businesses generate new leads, gain more traffic, and increase customer loyalty.

What is Mobile Wallet?

It’s a software where all payment and nonpayment wallet content which can be stored, organised, and accessed on smart phones. Customers mobile wallet marketing put their loyalty cards and coupons into their mobile wallet and the technology solves the remaining equation. As customers approach stores, relevant information automatically appears on the phone’s lock screen and provides them with one-swipe use of the relevant mobile pass. This allows great value and convenience for consumers and helps drive in-store traffic for businesses. To put it simply, a portable wallet allows for private interactions with customers that helps businesses cement their brand presence.

The New Direct Marketing Channel

There is surging demand for businesses to supply wallet solutions that help consumers better organise and access content in their smartphones. Studies show that 94% of loyalty program members want communications from programs they take part in, and 67% would join loyalty programs if they might sign up instantly. It’s clear that the demand for smartphone wallet solutions is high.

And the mobile wallet is really a game changer in the marketing realm. Businesses can create and deliver personalised and unique content predicated on consumer preferences and spending behaviour. For instance, shoppers who frequently purchase a certain model of chocolates may receive notifications of discounts on that brand or even deals on related goods. Even information gathered on social profiles can be used to design tailored messages to consumers – messages which are more relevant, effective, and cause real, measurable action.

The issue in traditional marketing is in gauging a campaign’s success. With mobile wallet, businesses have use of a large data, such as for instance amount of wallet content included with smartphones, quantity of transactions happening, and a whole lot more in-depth analytics. These records is valuable and can be used to simply help businesses advance their marketing game plan.

Furthermore, the wallet content is dynamic. Traditional coupons concealed in leather wallets are static; they can only be utilized once and are discarded. Even with mobile wallet coupons are redeemed, businesses can update them to show future discounts and customers are notified of new offers immediately. This dynamism and versatility creates an abundance of opportunities for businesses to employ new marketing strategies within a single campaign.

The Mobile Wallet and Social Media Marketing

To capitalise on the viral options that come with social media requires businesses to generate content that is not merely awe-inspiring but in addition drives users to fairly share it with their social networks. Recommendations is stronger than one can see right now, which explains why combining mobile wallet with social media is an exceptionally effective marketing tactic that may increase brand visibility. Execution is important – including timing, relevant messaging, and the proper audience.

Once businesses have created the wallet content, distribution is instantaneous. Businesses can post their pass links or scannable codes on the social media pages where customers can immediately add mobile wallet content with their devices. As well as make use of a Facebook Pass to automatically produce a personalised pass, and add straight with their mobile wallet. Customers are then able to fairly share it inside their social support systems, which in today’s day and age, can cause exponential and explosive exposure.

Mobile is the area where businesses need to gain authority, especially with the increased reliance on mobile shopping and mobile payments. It’s estimated that over the following 5 years, 50% of smartphone users will pay on the mobile devices. Jumpstart 2014 by leveraging mobile wallet and adding it as value-driven content to your social media marketing strategies.

Paul Tomes invites you to provide the mobile wallet a spin and integrate into your social media marketing.

You are able to design your mobile wallet content using the PassKit Pass Designer. It’s an intuitive visual web interface, letting you tap into your creativity to quickly and easily create tickets, coupons, store cards, membership cards and then promote these on your preferred social media channels.

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