How Does Fashion Influence the Lives of Students?

Just like hairstyles, the majority of 21st Century fashion trends are inspired by past political events as well as wars, social movements and conflicts. Basically, fashion means the creation of clothing and other lifestyle accessories to give you a stunning appearance. Charles Fredrick Worth was the first fashion designer to be acknowledged for his work. He had played an integral role in the fashion world during the 19th century. Worth was the very first designer to teach the world on what to wear and when to wear, rather than adhering to their requirements without regard to the fashion trends.

Charles Fredrick Worth

It’s not wrong to claim that it was Charles who came up with the concept of Fashion. He is widely recognized as the father in fashion and couture. He was born in Bourne (Lincolnshire), England, on October 13, 1825. His first position was at the London-based textile traders. Later, he shifted to Paris which was the capital of fashion until 1845. Worth’s status as a great designer was recognized in Paris. He also won the Great Fashion Exhibition in London that was held in 1851.

His expertise in fashion and knowledge made him a well-known designer. In 1858, he established his own fashion His exceptional fashion expertise made him a popular figure in the fashion world. Charles was an extremely well-known fashion designer because of his unique ability to mix shades, colors and tones into dresses.

Fashion is about expressing your identity by presenting yourself in a pleasing manner. Fashion is about expressing your personality by your fashion sense and letting your clothing reflect your personality.

Sure, adhering to the latest fashion trends will create a glamorous appearance and be appealing to others. If we’re talking about the latest fashion trends, then it’s divided into two basic categories: ready-to wear and haute couture.

The Haute Coulure vs. Ready-to-wear

Haute tailoring is a niche that only a few fashionistas can reach and is able to be customized to meet their specific needs. If you are planning to start your own haute couture boutique, make sure you present a fresh collection every year that includes at least 30 outfits every time. On the other hand, ready-to-wear dress means standard size. There are two kinds of dresses that are ready-to-wear: confection and designer. Designer collections are expensive, but high-quality gowns. Designer clothes are always created for a touch of luxury to the wearer’s character. International forums are utilized to show fashion-forward and high-end couture collections.

Ever thought about become a designer?

Last but not least should you decide to be a fashion stylist in future, creativity is your main requirement. You must be creative and imaginative to be designer. You should also have a technical understanding of how to make clothes. You can trust me when I say that you’re an excellent artist and articulate your ideas clearly. Your talents will be valuable to humanity. You can be an amazing designer, if you have good visual imaginations and can think creatively in three-dimensions. This is, after all, an artist’s job to incorporate every one of their brilliant thoughts into garments.

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