It’s Time For America, To Become The UNITED States!

If, you imagine, as many others, look – to, today’s America, seems to, have lost their way, and, possibly, their identification, because the style of freedom, through the entire free – earth, you are, perhaps not – alone! Slowly, but, steadily, too might people, felt to place, their particular, personal/ political agenda, ahead of the needs, and most useful passions, of our nation, and the planet, and so on! We reach a point, wherever, unless, we take, important, appropriate, sustainable activities, specially, linked to, everything, linked to, the environment, Weather Change – risks, Constitutional guarantees, and protecting all our rights and liberties, for – all (instead of, selectively), and so on, we shall, truly, lose – our – way! It is, previous – time, for America, to, become, the UNITED States! With, that, at heart, this informative article can attempt to, shortly, consider, study, evaluation, and discuss, using the mnemonic strategy, what this implies and shows, and why it is important, and matters.

1. Unify; useful; urge/ urgent: We are able to, no further, manage to wait, but should, demand, urgent points, be efficiently, resolved, in a reasonable way, the moment possible! We have to decide people, who find to unify, instead of split, and create, useful, programs, and techniques, that they encourage, others, to comprehend, and prioritize, before, it’s too late!

2. Wants: Wants, must certanly be, regarded, and resolved, in a properly – regarded, regular manner, which will be, equally, appropriate, and sustainable, in addition to realistic, and important, for the nation, Food and planet, in general! Rather than articulating, populist rhetoric, our leader should, prepare yourself, ready, and able, to lead, efficiently, continually, and, regularly!

3. Values; a few ideas; motivate; innovate; issues: Shouldn’t, Constitutional guarantees, and, all our rights, and liberties, be secured, as absolute, attitudes? Shouldn’t selected officials, promote a few ideas, which motivate and innovate, and give attention to the absolute most appropriate issues?

4. Together; tendencies; time – tried; regular: We have to decide people, who give attention to, taking us, together, and so on! To reach these objectives, needs a mix, of, proceeding, with, properly – regarded, regular activity, and using, the best possible, time – tried strategies, and so on, and a readiness to offer, the greater – good!

5. Attempts; strength; superiority; consideration: What sort of public leader, employs his efforts, and, whether he has the internal fortitude, to proceed, with the strength, to overcome obstacles, and so on, usually, determines, whether, he demonstrates, the superiority, we deserve, or, less – than, that! Wouldn’t it be great, if selected associates, proceeded, continually, with an stress, on placing his concentration, on places, in a empathetic manner?

6. Delve profoundly; separated; find; produce: This method must begin, with an personal, willing to delve profoundly, seeking answers, to issues, which split our nation, and citizens, and find, a much better strategy! However, it requires more tha clear claims, and rhetoric, but, relatively, a readiness, and determination, to provide, an stress, on preserving, and sustaining, our American Method of Life, regarding, liberties, rights, and appropriate, sustainable, facts!

If, hopefully for things, to get better, we need to decide leaders, who prioritize, an stress, on creating, America, UNITED! Have you been ready to be always a more responsible, person?

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